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Kinah 14-As Adam Imprimer Envoyer
Écrit par Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Kinot-Kinah-Tisha b'Av"He cut down to size the great height of the man He fashioned." As God placed Adam into the Garden of Eden, He took him from tree to tree, pointing out the beauty and blessings of each creation. God instructed Adam to work the garden, to care for everything that grew there.


This is exactly the point of Torah and mitzvot. Each mitzvah is a way to nurture God's garden, His creation. Each time we study Torah we are nurturing the garden and learning how to care for everything in God's creation.

A person who studies Torah and performs mitzvot as a gardener will find that he changes his environment. People will be drawn to him as they perceive that he is making the entire area grow and flourish.

This must be our intention each time we study and with each mitzvah that we perform: we are working in God's garden, nurturing it, making it more beautiful, and creating an environment in which God's Presence is more manifest.

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