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iGrow-Spiritual Tools for the Three Weeks-Damaged Diamond Imprimer Envoyer
Écrit par Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Three-Weeks-Churban-Mourning-TempleThe Dubner Maggid said: A King possessed a magnificent diamond which, unfortunately, received a deep scratch as a result of an accident. His diamond cutters gave him their judgment that no amount of polishing would entirely remove the flaw. And engraver who was present remarked, “I can so transform this jewel that it will become more valuable than before.”


The King gave him permission, and with great delicacy and skill he engraved on the diamond the petals of a rose, utilizing the deep scratch as the stem of the flower.

We approach the Three Weeks as a damaged jewel. We are overwhelmed with the task of removing the damage. However, we can use the strategy of the engraver, and transform our defects into the stem of a flower; by showing how we thrive and continue to attach to God despite the suffering of the diaspora.

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