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Shabbat Prayers: Morning Blessings of Shema: All Will Exalt You Print E-mail

Shabbat“All will thank You,



all will praise You,


And all will declare: Nothing is as holy as God!

All will exalt You.”

The Rambam writes in The Guide of the Perplexed (Section I, Chapter 64):

The “Glory of God,” is sometimes intended to signify the created light that God causes to descend in a particular place in order to confer honor upon it in a miraculous way, such as at Mount Sinai.

The expression is sometimes intended to signify His essence and true reality, may He be exalted.

“Glory,” is sometimes intended to signify the honoring of Him  by all human beings. In fact, all that is “other” than God, honors Him.

For the true way of honoring In consists in apprehending His greatness.

Everybody who apprehends His greatness and His perfection, honors Him according to the extent of his apprehension.

Man in particular honors Him with words so that he indicates thereby that which he has apprehended by his intellect, and communicates it to others.

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