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Shema-Ki Tisa-Spark Collectors Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Prayer-Shemah-Parsha-Kavanah-iPray-iLove-Ki-TisaIn everything in the universe there are Holy Sparks. Nothing is devoid of these Sparks, even wood and stones. This is also true of all man's deeds, and even his sins contain Sparks from the Broken Vessels.


These Sparks from the Shattering of Vessels are the power of repentance in the sin itself. When a person repents, he elevates the Sparks contained in his sin to the Supernal Universe. It is thus written, “He raises up sin (Numbers 14:18).” That is, God raises the sin up on high. (Tzavaat haRivash - Bereishit 167)

This was accomplished by the broken Tablets in this week's portion; Moses was offering the Children of Israel the opportunity to collect the  Sparks from the Broken Vessels and repair their sin.

“Blessed are You, God, our Lord, King of the Universe, Who forms light (Blessings of Shema).” We can discover light in every detail of creation, even what seems to be evil, even our sins and mistakes. We pray in this blessing that we merit to be able to discover all of the Holy Sparks in the world and repair the Sparks from the Broken Vessels.

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