Blessings of Shema: Unified Light Print
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PrayerThe Ramchal teaches (Ma'amar HaChochmah; Birchat Kedushat Hashem): You must know that, behold the Master, Blessed is He, is Unified, and His Light can only be grasped by something which is itself unified, or committed to unification. Behold, Israel, although they are numerous people, when unified they can receive His Light. This is what we mean when we say, “Maybe we all speedily merit His light.” It is only as “all,” unified as one, that we can receive His light.


One must concentrate, when reciting the words, “Maybe we all speedily merit His light,” on accepting the Mitzvah to “Love all Jews,” and to work on unifying the nation. We are praying for all of a United Israel to merit God’s Light.