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Shema-Chanukah- Unified Light Print E-mail

Shema“May we all speedily merit His light.” It is essential to know that the Master, Blessed is He, is a Unity, and His light will only illuminate in a manner that unifies His Presence in Creation.

The people of Israel, although numerous are still called, “Goy echad,” a Singular Nation, and in that unity they can merit to receive Divine Illumination. (Ramchal, Ma’amar HaCHochmah)

It is only when we ask for us “all” as a unified nation, that we can merit God’s light.

“Unity can only reside in a Unity.” (Introduction to Shav Shmietta in the name of the Zohar, Korach)

Accept to work on the Mitzvah of  Ahavat Rei’im – “Love your neighbor as yourself,” – before reciting this sentence.
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