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Blessings Before Shema: Renewal Print E-mail

ShemaWhen we say, “and in His goodness, He renews every day, perpetually, the work of Creation”, we are not simply referring to the renewal of nature, or even to the miraculous functioning of the human body.

If we pay attention, we will see how God gives us opportunities every day to renew our service to Him. He is constantly sending us new thoughts, new insights, allowing us to perceive things with an added dimension. He presents us daily with different situations, meetings with new people, circumstances viewed from a yet unknown angle.

Closing our eyes to the unbelievable surprises that are a part of this renewal will cause us to do things by rote.

But if we focus on the fact that “He renews every day the work of Creation”, and by that we realize that today will be filled with exhilarating opportunities, then we are ready to renew our own little world by taking a fresh approach to our relationship with our Creator.
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