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Morning Blessings-Tzav-The Fire on the Altar-Apt Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Prayer-Morning-Blessings-iThank-TzavRabbi Feibush of Hobnover was possessed of a burning desire to serve God. Once he slept in the Ropshitzer's Beit Midrash. The Ropshitzer told his other disciples, "Watch and you will see him awake at the dot of midnight to perform Tikkun Chatzot. At the stroke of 12, Rabbi Feibush awoke, tore at his collar, and began to shout, “O Mother, I am burning!”


Later the Hobnover became a disciple of the Apter. The Ropshitzer regretted this, and said to his intimates, “Feibush is a consuming flame; I strove to cool them a little; but the Apter is himself full of fire, and will increase the conflagration!”

Shortly after, the Hobnover fell dead while praying. His heart could not endure his burning ecstasy. (Ohel Naftali, page 107)

iPray-iThank-Morning Blessings-Korbanot: The Taking of the Ashes: “A permanent fire should remain burning on the Altar; it may not be extinguished (Leviticus 6:6).” At this point, we should see ourselves as the Fire burning on the Altar, at least, while praying.

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