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Morning Blessings-Hachodesh-Rav Tzaddok-Using Our Intellect Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Prayer-Morning-Blessings-iThank-HachodeshAlthough no one after Moshe was his equal, this is only with regard to his ability to perceive things visually and immediately. Any innovations to be made in the future by pupils, including Rabbi Akiva, were revealed to Moshe as well. However, everything was revealed to him via prophetic vision and not via his intellect.


In the days when the Divine Spirit was present in Israel, all guidance for that time was via prophecy. (Rav Tzaddok haCohen of Lublin, Resisei Laila)

All that we were taught by Moshe, which was revealed to him through prophecy, we are to use our power of Chiddush, via our intellect, construct and new ideas and worlds.

iPray-Morning Blessings-Blessings of Torah: “Please, God, our Lord, sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouth and in the mouth of Your people, the House of Israel. May we and our offspring and our offspring’s offspring...all of us, know Your Name and study Your Torah for its own sake.” Please sweeten our mouths with the power of ongoing Chiddush, accessible to all of us and all future generations through the Torah’s power to shape our intellect.

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