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Amidah: Through His Greatness Print E-mail

Prayer-Amidah-Shmoneh-Esrei_KavanotWhenever you look at a physical thing, you should contemplate that you are also looking at and expression of the imminent Divine Presence. In this manner, you are serving God through your own smallness.


You can understand that there are many heavens above you, and that you are standing on this tiny dot that is the planet Earth. You can then realize that the entire universe, vast though it may be, is as nothing compared to the Infinite Creator.

Even though you can understand this with your intellect, you still cannot actually ascend  to the higher spiritual worlds. This is the meaning of the verse, “From far away, God appeared to me (Jeremiah 31:2).” That is, one can see God, and understand His greatness, because of his lowliness and distance from God.

However, when you serve God through His greatness, you can strengthen yourself with great power, and soar with your thoughts. You can then ascend above the highest Angels, and even above the Thrown of Glory. This is perfect worship. (Tzava'at haRivash, Page 233)

Spiritual-Tools-Prayer-Amidah-KavanotApplication: Each time we begin the Amidah we choose whether to take our 3 steps forward into this opportunity in smallness; distance, or, God's greatness; strengthening ourselves with the power of attaching to Him.

Chanukah-Hannukah-KavanotHanukkah is an opportunity to approach God, as did the Maccabees, through His greatness that permeates our souls and empowers us to accomplish the impossible. During this festival we should consistently approach our Amidah accessing God's greatness which is so imminent in every aspect of our lives.

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