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Rav KookThe Third of Elul is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook, Chief Rabbi of Israel for 19 years of his life  (1865-1935). The first chief rabbi of Israel, what was then called Palestine, Rav Kook was  perhaps the most misunderstood figure of his time. Born in Latvia of staunch  Chassidic and Misnagid stock, he retained throughout his life a unique blend of  the mystical and the rational. He was a thorough master of the entire Halachic,  Midrashic, philosophic, ethical, and Kabbalistic literature. He saw the return
to Eretz Yisrael as not merely a political phenomenon to save Jews from  persecution, but an event of extraordinary historical and theological  significance.

Rabbi Hutner once said that Rav Kook peered down on our world from  great heights and hence his perspective was unique. Above all, Rav Kook pulsated  with a sense of the Divine.

Though keenly aware of the huge numbers of  non-observant Jews, he had a vision of the repentance of the nation. His concept  of repentance envisioned in addition to the repentance of the individual, a  repentance of the nation as a whole; a repentance which would be joyous and  healing. He refused to reject Jews as long as they identified themselves as  Jews. He called for and envisioned a spiritual renaissance where "the ancient  would be renewed and the new would be sanctified."

The Foundation Stone honors his Yahrtzeit by sharing numerous posts and podcasts of the Torah of Rav Kook.
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