Parsha Hound: Tazria II Print

TazriaWhy does this portion appear immediately after the laws of kosher and non-kosher animals?


What is

the “Blood of Purity?”


Which offering is made first: The Elevation Offering or the Sin-Offering?

What does the verse mean when it describes the afflicted skin as “deeper” than the surrounding skin?

How many times, and for how long, is an unconfirmed Metzorah secluded in his house?

What are the two conditions necessary for the Tzara’at to be considered ciured?

If the laws of burns and Tzara’at are so identical, why are they taught seperately?

What happens if the bald patch spreads? If a golden hair appears?

What is a Nesek?

Why must the Metzorah cry out, “Contaminated, contaminated”?

Why is the Tzara’at of Clothes called, “Mameret,’ implying a curse?