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Parsha Hound: Shemini Print E-mail

Parsha TestOn which day of the year did this week’s parsha begin?


Why did

Moshe summon the elders to hear him instruct Aharon?


Why was a young bull included in the sacrifices of Aharon’s inauguration?

Why did Moshe have to invite Aharon to, “come near?”

What was different about the processing of the blood of Aharon’s sin-offering?

Which blessing did Aharon use on this day?

Why did Nadav and Avihu die?

How did Moshe explain their death to Aharon?

Who removed their bodies from the Mishkan? From which part of the Mishkan?

What do we learn about the death of the righteous from the deaths of Nadav and Avihu?

Which meals may a Kohen share with his family?

What was the dispute between Moshe and Aharon about one of the offerings? Who was correct?

Why did Aharon answer Moshe when Moshe had addressed Elazar and Ithamar?

What was the reward of Aharon and his family for their response to the tragedy of Nadav and Avihu?

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