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Parsha Hound: Korach Print E-mail

KorachWhat did Korach “take”? Why is Jacob’s name not included in Korach’s genealogy? Why did Moshe fall on his face, as if unable to pray for God’s help? Why did Moshe delay the confrontation to the next morning?

Why did Moshe choose the Incense Offering as the test?

How far must a person go to end a controversy?

Where can we find a hint of prophecy in the words of Datan and Aviram?

Which sacrifice did Moshe ask God to ignore? Why was it necessary for Moshe to pray?

What did Korach do the night before the public test?

“They fled at heir sound.” Which sound scared the people?

What happened to Korach’s children?

How many tests did it take to prove Aharon’s special role? Why did it take so many?

What happened to the pans that were used in the test?

What is a “salt-like covenant”?

Why is the gift of the Leviim described as Terumah?
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