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Parsha Hound: Bamidbar Print E-mail

BamidbarWhy did God command Moses to count the Children of Israel on , the first day of the second month, in the second year after their exodus from the land of Egypt?” Were all the Princes of the tribes present as each Jew was counted, or only the Prince of the person’s particular tribe?

What form of ID did each person have to bring in order to be counted?

What are the two reasons for the Tribe of Levi not to be counted among the other tribes?

What form of the death penalty was imposed on a ‘stranger’ who approached too close to the Mishkan?

What were the two ways that each tribal flag differed from the others?

Which sign(s) are described as “To the signs of their father’s household?”

What was the order in which the camp moved?

How did the Children of Israel fulfill the “charge of the Children of Israel?”

How was Moshe able to count the children who were still nursing and could not leave their tents to be counted?

What do we learn about choosing one’s neighbors from this week’s portion?

What happened to the flame of the Altar when the Altar was covered for a journey?
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