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Parsha Hound: Behar Print E-mail

BeharWhy does the verse mention Sinai when speaking of the laws of Shemittah? Why does the Torah choose these laws to introduce the concept? What may you eat of your fields that grows on Shemittah? How long may you keep Shemittah food from the field in your home?

What happens on the Yovel Year? When do the laws of Yovel begin?

Why do the laws of selling one’s property immediately follow the laws of Yovel?

What is included in the law of “Lo tonu,” - “You shall not aggrieve someone”? (Verse 17)

What promise does God make to secure our observance of Shemittah and Yovel?

When does that blessing occur?

How long does a person have to redeem a house he sold in a walled city?

How many prohibitions does a person violate when lending money on interest?

What work may I not demand of a Jewish slave?

Are we obligated to help a Jew who has sold himself to work in the temple of an idol?

What is the connection of the prohibition against “emplacing a flooring stone upon which to prostrate oneself” with the rest of the portion?

Why were Jacob and Moshe allowed to erect “Pillars” if they are prohibited in this week’s portion?

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