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Parsha Hound: Kedoshim Print E-mail

kedoshimAccording to Rashi, how does one achieve holiness?
Why is the mother placed before the father in the Mitzvah of reverence for parents, but the father is placed first in the Mitzvah of honoring parents?

Why does the law of Shabbat immediately follow the law of revering parents?

How does an offering become Pigul?

Define Leket, Shikcha and Pei’ah.

Why does the Torah use the term “Rachil to describe evil speech and gossip?

Are we prohibited from hating other Jews? How does this relate to the laws of rebuke? Why are these laws followed by, “And do not bear a sin because of him?”

What is a Shifcha Charufah?

Why is the law of rising before an old person followed by, “And you shall fear your Lord?”

What was the Molech ceremony?
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