Parsha Hound: Miketz Print

Why is beauty an indication of plenty?

When does God “tell” someone, and when does He “show”?

What can be given to someone and yet it is

not theirs?


Can one receive Divine Inspiration even when too sad to merit the gift of prophecy?

What was the first indication that Joseph’s brothers regretted their sin against him?

How do we know that the brothers pretended to themselves that Joseph was not their brother in order to be able to treat him as they did?

How did the brothers enter Egypt? Why?

What was the difference between Reuben’s and the other brothers’ understanding of the reason for their predicament?

What was the first hint that Joseph gave Simeon that things were not how they seemed?

When did the brothers discover that all their money had been returned?

When did Judah speak with Divine Inspiration?

What special form of prayer did Jacob use before his sons returned to Egypt?

What special blessing did Joseph give Benjamin? Why?

Why did Benjamin receive five portions?

Which skills did the viceroy of Egypt claim he used to determine that one of the brothers had stolen his goblet?