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What is the Reason: Father or God Print E-mail

ReasonI noticed that some siddurim have the text “Hashkiveinu, Hashem Elokeinu” – Lay us down to sleep, God, Our Lord” in the closing blessing of the evening Shema, while others change the text from “Hashem, Elokeinu” – “God, Our Lord” – to Avinu – Our father. A.T.


The Ari HaKodesh changed the text from “God, Our Lord”, to “Our Father” because he felt that it is inappropriate to lay down to sleep in the presence of God as Lord. It is only appropriate to lie down to sleep in the presence of God as our Father.

I was told that the reason we have an “Atara” – Crown – on our Tallit is derived from the Mishkan. Is that true? How is it derived? Why do some people wear a Tallit without a crown? D.B.

The panels of the Mishkan walls were marked so that each would always remain in the same place. The panels that bordered the Holy of Holies could never be placed in a different place because we have a principle that “We rise in holiness and never descend.” A pillar that walled the holiest place could not be moved to a place of lesser sanctity. The Shelah HaKodesh strongly felt that the same principle should apply to a Tallit. The part the covers the head must always cover the head, which is the “holiest” place of the person. The Atara, or Crown, is to mark the “top” of the Tallit so that the head will always be on top. The Ari HaKodesh disagreed and did not apply the principle to the Tallit. Therefore, Chabad Chassidim do not have the top of the Tallit marked, so as to follow the Ari.

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