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What is the Reason: Shabbat/Tzeddaka 2 Print E-mail

ReasonI was checking the website every day to view the answer to my question (See the previous What Is The Reason) and I was so excited when my husband and I read the answer. He smiled after he read it but he is assured that if the amount were greater, more like $3, 000, I would surely pick it up. S.A.


Your husband is right that finding $3,000 is an altogether greater challenge than finding $40, and you may very well have responded differently. Does it matter? Your decision, even if “only” for $40, was a significant statement that you value Shabbat more than money. The only way to appreciate the value of Shabbat over $3,000 is to first appreciate her more than $40.

I was driving on the highway and the four rear tires of the truck directly in front of me, exploded, one after the other. You wrote that prayer is an internal process. I did not have time for any internal work other than to cry out to God to save me. By the way, mine was the only car that was not hit by a piece of tire. Is there a different type of prayer for such situations? Y.W.

Absolutely; “Help!!!” It obviously worked. I hope that the new weekly column on Prayer will answer all the prayer questions that have been arriving in my email everyday.

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