What Is The Reason: Fire Offerings Print

Answer ManI found two different readings of the blessing of Ritzei; “Restore the service to the Holy of Holies of Your Temple and the fire-offerings of Israel. And their prayers speedily accept...” with the comma after v’ishei Yisrael. Or, “Speedily accept the fire offerings of Israel and their prayers...” with the comma after, l’dvir beitecha, before v’ishei Yisrael. I don’t understand how we can request, as in the second version, that God speedily accept our fire offerings, when there are none. Is the first text more accurate? E.B.


I cannot say which text is the more accurate, however, the Artscroll Siddur explains, “Since the Temple is not standing this phrase is taken in an allegorical sense. It refers to the souls and the deeds of the righteous, which are as pleasing as sacrifices; Jewish prayers that are like offerings; or the altar fires and sacrifices of Messianic times.”

I personally use the second text with the Kavanah that I offer my prayers with the same awareness and passion (fire) as if I were making an offering.