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Reasons for AnythingDear Rebbi: We all got together, reviewed our notes, and found some more issues to which you hinted over the last series of KE: “Shabbat as More than Yom Kippur, Yesurim, and Death Combined,” “If things are going well; start davening!” “Neshama Yiteira on Rosh Chodesh,” “Tasting Manna on Shabbat,” “Restful Acquisition of Torah,” “The Teshuva of placing your hat on your feet,” “The man who returned as a bull,” “Singing like an instrument,” and “The true greatness of the Chafetz Chaim.” In the lecture on “Memory & Imagination,” Rebbi mentioned a source, and the recording is inaudible.



“All who properly guard the Shabbat according to its laws are forgiven for their sins.” The Taz asks; If he did Teshuva; why does he need Shabbat for forgiveness. How can Shabbat work if he didn’t do Teshuva? When does Shabbat bring forgiveness? He answers that there are different categories of the effectiveness of Teshuva. Some people need Yom Kippur to complete the forgiveness after Teshuva; some sins need Yesurin (suffering) beyond the Teshuva and Yom Kippur; and some must wait till death for the forgiveness to be complete. However, those who properly observe the Shabbat do not need Yom Kippur, suffering, and death, but achieve immediate forgiveness after doing Teshuva.

Things Are Going Well

When Heaven opens the gates of wealth and greatness to a person; it is only reasonable to realize that the gates of prayer and holiness are opened as well! Rabbi Itamar of Kansekvelli

Rosh Chodesh

Everyday that has Musaf brings with it Neshama Yeteira: Commentary of the Gra; Tikkunei Zohar, Tikkun 21 57a.


“God blessed and sanctified Shabbat with the Manna,” meaning He placed the gift of Manna into Shabbat, and therefore, one who is careful with the three meals of Shabbat can actually taste the Manna: Ahavat Shalom, Bereishit

Acquiring Torah

The Acquisition of Torah is not like the acquisition of money which demands actively running and working, for it demands Menuchat haNefesh, inner peace and calm, which is why the Torah was given on Shabbat: Klei Yakar, Vayechi 49:13.

To be continued...