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Table Talk: Esther Print E-mail

Shabbat TableWhom Did They Think They Were Fooling?


Certainly not me! Did Mordechai and Esther truly believe that they could keep their relationship a secret? Did Achashveirosh never wonder why Mordechai told Esther of the assassination plot? Did no one in the palace notice Mordechai’s visits? Mordechai lived in the royal section of Shushan and thought that no one in the palace would know that Esther and he were related?

That Fighting Spirit

The Jews fought back and defeated their enemies. Did they not intend to fight back before Mordechai succeeded in convincing Achashveirosh to send a letter authorizing them to fight for their lives?

Wrong Day

Why did they have to fight an extra day in Shushan if that is where Mordechai had his new base of power? Could the new viceroy not use his already ten months in power to clean out any opposition? Why do we celebrate Purim on the day after they won the battle and not on the day they won? Why not celebrate Purim on the day that Haman was killed? (It would certainly make Pesach more fun!)

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