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Quick Adjustments: Imagine being sold as a slave by your brothers, thrown into prison and not being treated as a full human being for thirteen years. You are suddenly summoned by
the king, groomed and dressed for a personal royal audience. You expected this moment to happen two years earlier. Today, it is a shock. Are you ready for your meeting with the king? How did you maintain the necessary dignity all of these years to be prepared for this encounter?


Brotherly Love
Why did the brothers believe that Benjamin had actually stolen the viceroy’s goblet?

It Was Right In Front Of Their Eyes
Were Joseph’s brothers obtuse? How could they have missed the many signals Joseph gave them that there was more to their situation than met the eye? They were brought directly to the viceroy. He knew their birth order. He had a servant who could speak their language. The viceroy was not allowed to eat with the other Egyptians. We can assume that people knew the story of Joseph’s rise to power. They found their money in their sacks.

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