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Constant Mitzvah #6 Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg   

Constant Mitzvah #6 = Mitzvah/Concept #24

“Do not explore after your heart and after your eyes after which you stray.” (Numbers 15:39)

· Do not tear yourself down when you look at others and compare. Do not allow your self-doubts to tear you apart.

· Proverbs 20:12: “A hearing ear and a seeing eye; God made them both.” Did God not make all the different parts of the body? Solomon specified the two senses that cannot help but be exposed to negative influences.

· When you sense some low thought or desire within yourself, and you know that you are once again being cast thousands of miles from the border of holiness, let a groan break forth from your lips: Woe, Master of the universe, at least do not let me be cast away from You to the lowest depths.”


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