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Constant Mitzvah _ No Power Other Than God Print E-mail

constant mitzvah

Constant Mitzvah/Concept #2: One should not Even Consider Any Power Other Than God"

We differentiate between source of power and one who possesses and uses power. There is a difference between seeing a source of power, and one who actually wieldspower. One who wields power is not necessarily the source of the power.

Power means being able to do something that hasn’t been measured out for you, being able to do something on your own that hasn’t been pre-programmed for you to do.

There is only one creation that has any power at all, which is, a human being.

We have to reach a state of existence at which we will acknowledge that even that power that we have been granted comes from another source, and that is God.

However. we cannot even reach the negative part of this commandment until we achieve the awareness of how powerful it is to be a human being. This mitzvah demands that we be aware of the power of being a human being.


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