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Messilat Yesharim Chapter One Part Three Print E-mail

RamchalTranscribed by Slavie Friedman: Now the Ramchal is ready to summarize. We were not created for our station in this world. We were created for our station in Olam Haba.  Therefore, every part of Olam Hazeh, is to get us to Olam Haba. We create our Olam Haba in Olam Hazeh.


By the way, you know where this is in Shmoneh Esrei? The whole relationship between Olam Hazeh and Olam Haba, using Olam Hazeh to prepare for Olam Haba, creating your Olam Habah in Olam Hazeh. Where is it? It’s almost explicit.

It’s in the second bracha of the Shmoneh Esrei. “You sustain life with chesedand You resurrect the dead with great kindness, You support the fallen, You heal the sick..” How can you possibly compare healing the people who are sick with resurrection of the dead? Metaphorically I understand, but none of them compare to Techiat haMeitim.

Because the whole purpose of every one of these things is the same as the purpose of Techiat haMeitim. That God has a commitment to our eternity. God has a commitment to our eternal success, which is Olam Haba.The mixing of Olam Hazeh and Olam Haba is very distinct in that bracha.

‘You will see in truth, that it is impossible for anyone with any intelligence to believe, that the purpose of a creation of humanity is for a person’s state in this world. Because what does a person’s life amount to? Who is the person who is completely happy and peaceful in Olam Hazeh? The years of our lives, for most ,are seventy and even one of great strength is eighty, and the majority of them is labor and foolishness.’ How much of that time to we really get to spend on what matters? ‘We spend that time with pain and illnesses and suffering and all sorts of bothers. And after all this - death! Not one person in a thousand is  going to find total and overabundance of happiness and peace. And even if you can find that one person who would have it, let’s say he lives a hundred years, he passes and vanishes from the world.’

I just read a book called A Leap of Faith, which destroys religion. It destroys anything that is supernatural. It’s very logical. The opening argument of it is, ‘Listen. The most compelling argument for religion is that if you look at this world, what’s the use of living unless you believe there is something else. Doesn’t that prove to you that it’s false? You’re simply trying to convince yourself that there is more meaning to life’. It’s a great book. He takes this argument as the most serious one for religion.

Even if you don’t look at it that way, if the purpose of creation of the human being was entirely for the sake of this world, it would not have been necessary to blow into the person, a soul, that is so important and so exalted,that it is even greater than the angels themselves. Much more so, the soul never finds true satisfaction even with all the pleasures of this world.

So don’t tell me that one who possesses a soul is created to live in this world when a) why do you need a soul to enjoy the world and b) even if you would say that you need a soul in order to enjoy the pleasures of this world, Olam Hazeh, meaning the physical pleasures of this world, when anything you have beyond that is automatically a taste of Olam Haba. If the purpose of existence was this world, why would you have a soul that is never satisfied with all the pleasures of this world?

If you think about it, no matter what you get into, people always want more. Whether it’s more money, more cars, more sex, there’s always this idea of more. Because no matter how much we feed our souls, there is more that we want, so our souls are not satisfied. It wouldn’t makes sense for the soul to be placed if the purpose was this world.

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