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Confessions: Tzararnu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe have persecuted and caused others to suffer. (Artscroll Vidui) “You made us retreat from the adversary – Tzar – and those who cause hatred against us plunder for themselves.” (Psalms 44:11)

The Tzoreir casts others in a bad light causing people to turn against them. This obviously includes speaking Lishon Harah against someone.

“Have I said, ‘Give me! or, ‘Use your might to bribe in my behalf. Thus saving me from an oppressor – Tzar -, reclaiming me from the hands of tyrants.” (Job 6:23) We see these two verses as directed at the lack of any love or concern shown between friends. Job is, in effect, saying: That which I want from you most of all would not cost you a penny. Is it so hard to try to understand my plight? (Artscroll Commentary to Job)

The Tzoreir lacks concern for others. He acts without sympathy or empathy.

It is possible to generously give Tzedaka and be a Tzoreir – if I give the money without any sense of sympathy or concern.

ToolsTikkun/Achieving Greatness

Be careful with the laws of Lishon Harah.

Practice empathy.
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