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Confessions: Zadnu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe sinned willfully and compounded our sins by justifying them. (Artscroll Vidui) The Vilna Gaon, in his Commentary to Proverbs (13:10): describes Zadon as somebody who learns Torah only so that his opinion will be carried out. This person insists on having his opinion and perspective voiced, heard and acknowledged as correct. The Gra teaches us that one who is unwilling to listen to the opinions of others is acting with Zadon.

Zadnu includes anytime I act and am unwilling to hear the other side of the equation.

Zadon can even include someone who studies Torah and performs Mitzvot all day with a sense of mission and reinforcing what he believes to be true and right.

Someone who acts with Zadon is limited because he can only see one side of things. He will fail to expand and grow. Few things are as limiting as being close-minded.

ToolsThe Vilna Gaon continues that one who is interested in wisdom and truth consults with others and listens to their opinions.

The only way to become Godlike, as we described in the introduction, is to be unlimited, and to listen to the ideas and opinions of others.
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