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Tu Bishvat - Day 10 Print E-mail

Beit Yaakov; Ishbitz; Beshalach #1



one looks at a tree he will immediately notice that not all branches are equal. The thicker branches absorb more from the roots of the tree than can the thinner branches. The same is true of people; some are greater and can draw more from the source, God, than can others. However, there is an important difference between people and branches: The Zohar teaches us that “The level of Divine Presence is determined by the merit of the Avot – The Patriarchs.” All can have equal access if they do not measure themselves or others by their external achievements but by their inner essence. Which tree are we? Are we the tree with different levels of connection with our roots? Or, are we the perfect tree, when all branches and fruit, no matter how different, large or small, are allowed equal access to the roots? The answer is a direct reflection of the way we relate to others.

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