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Shavuot-Spiritual Tools: Ramchal: Torah As Burning Coals Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

RamchalConsider a coal that is not burning and the flame is hidden and closed inside. When someone blows on it, it spreads and flares and expands. Within this flame there are many different colors, which were not initially apparent; nevertheless, everything is coming from the coal.


So too with this Torah that is before us. Every one of her words and letters are like a coal. When one sets them out as they are, they appear like dim coals. If an individual endeavors to study her, then from each letter a great flame bursts forth, filled with many colors. These are the dat that are hidden in each letter.

This was already explained in the Zohar concerning the aleph-bet. This is not an analogy, but literally something that is indeed essential, for all the letters that we see in the Torah correspond to the twenty-two lights that exist above.

These supernal lights shine on the letters. From here it is derived the holiness of the Torah, the Torah scrolls, the Tefillin, Mezuzot and all sacred writings.

According to the sanctity with which they were written, so too will grow the Divine Inspiration and Illumination of these lights on the letters.

Therefore a Torah scroll that has only one mistake is totally invalidated for there is not the appropriate illumination by reading from it, from which will flow sanctity to the nation. (Ramchal; Kuf-Lamed-Chet Pitchei Chochmah)

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