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Rosh Chodesh Practices Print E-mail

Rosh ChodeshOne should light extra candles at the beginning of Rosh Chodesh. He should also have special clothes for Rosh Chodesh just as he does for Shabbat and festivals. (Ma’aseh Rav, Hilchot

Rosh Chodesh #151)


The new moon is the perfect opportunity to pray for the renewal of the Davidic Kingdom. (Maharsha, Chidushei Aggadot Bava Metzia 85b)


One should have a Seudah – a festive meal – on Rosh Chodesh. (Ran, Shabbat 24) One should recite the blessing over two challot. (Kaf Hachaim, Orach Chaim 419:4)


“On each Rosh Chodesh, just as on every Shabbat, the souls of those in Gan Eden are raised to a higher level.” (Zohar, Volume 1: 23b) It is customary to light candles in memory of the deceased and to perform Mitzvot in their merit.

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