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Timeless: Reflections of God's Presence Print E-mail

Timeless“Even on the path of Your judgments, God, we put our hopes in You; Your Name and Your mention – ‘zichricha’ – the yearning of our soul.” (Isaiah 26:8)

Rabbi Isaac taught that we can connect with God when suffering – “Your judgments” – we can connect with God by committing ourselves to Sanctifying His Name – “Your Name” – and we can connect with God by calling on the merit of the Patriarchs – “Your mention” – Zechira: (Bereishit Rabbah 98:2)

The Patriarchs are considered “Mention” of God, because their lives reflected His Presence in the world.

Zichronot are not only what God recalls on Rosh Hashana; they bring to life all the moments in our lives when our actions, words and thoughts reflected God’s Presence in the world.
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