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Adar Joy-Dancing on Purim-Likkutei Eitzot Print E-mail

Purim-EstherDances of mitzvah, as when one drinks wine on Shabbat or holidays or at a wedding or at other fees of mitzvah, and does so moderately and for the sake of heaven, to rejoice in Israel and in God Who chose us from among all the people, and thereby arouses such joy that it penetrates down to his feet, that he dances out of joy, expel all the outward shells which cling to the feet.


They sweeten and nullify evil decrees, and one becomes worthy of all the blessings.

The enthusiasm of such dances is an, “offering of sweet savor to the Lord (Numbers 28:8).”

However, he who dances with the passion of his Evil Inclination, this is a, “strange fire (Leviticus 10:1),” Heaven forbid, and the wine which he drinks is but profane wine of intoxication to which cling the outer shells, Heaven forfend. Thus, dances of holiness suite and evil decrees. (Likkutei Eiztot, Simcha #12)

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