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Countdown to Pesach 19-Noam Elimelech Print E-mail

Pesach-Passover-Prayer-HaggadahAt the pronouncement of laws, Holy Scripture always makes mention of the Exodus out of Egypt, and never of the Creation of the World. How is this? Was not the Creation out of a void a greater miracle than the Exodus?


Understand, then, that the Creation, properly speaking, was not a miracle! All nature is in God, and is subject to Him, and whatever sprang into being at His behest, did so in a natural way. But the Exodus was a wonder, for to deal with the Egyptians according to their merits, God had to divest Himself, for the time being, of His Goodness, and allow evil to prevail. (Noam Elimelech)

iPray-Taking it with you-Tachanun: “For not because of our righteousness do we cast down our supplications before you.” We are asking God for a miracle that goes beyond nature; that He divest Himself of Judgment and accept our prayers.

Haggadah; The Egyptians made us as evil, as it is written, “Let us deal with them wisely lest they multiply.” There was a miracle in God allowing the Egyptians to enslave us; the miracle that He did not stop them at this point!

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