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Chanukah Hallel Paragraph Seven: The Message Beyond The Miracle Print E-mail

Hallel“All you nations; Praise God!
Sing compliments, all you peoples!
For His kindness overpowers us,
and God’s Truth is forever.

“So says Israel to the nations of the world, ‘Praise God.’ The Holy One, Blessed is He, says to the nations, ‘Praise Israel!’ A groom wants all to praise his wife. A bride wants all to praise her husband.” (Midrash Socher Tov, Psalm 117)

Israel entered battle so that all would honor God. God gave them victory so that all would praise His nation.

The Chashmonaim lit the Menorah so that all would praise God.
God had the oil burn for eight days so that all would praise Israel.

We sing this short paragraph with a deep awareness that each miracle we experience is  more than the miracle; it is God saying to all the nations of the world, “Praise My people!”
We respond, “Praise God for His miracles. Compliment Him for His desire that His people be praised.”
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