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Divrei Shalom: Chanukah Customs Print E-mail

ChanukahThe 25th of Kislev is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Raphael Avraham Sharabi (1875-1927). Son of Rav Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi, he was active in helping the victims of the Damascus blood libel. He authored Divrei Shalom.

Customs of Chanukah:

One should light immediately after the blessing of ‘L’hadlik ner” and only after lighting recite the two blessings of ‘Sh’asa Nissim” and “Shehechiyanu.”

One should recite Chapter 24 of Psalms each day of Chanukah before the Psalm of the day. Although, we follow the Ari HaKadosh, and do not say the opening verse, “Mizmor shir Chanukat Habayit L’David,” in our daily prayers, on Chanukah we recite that verse.
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