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Lights XXVIII Print E-mail

Chanukah“The light of the righteous will rejoice, but the lamp of the wicked will flicker out.” (Proverbs 13:9)  The soul of the righteous person is compared to light, the original light of creation, that has been hidden in a protective place for the Coming World. The light of the righteous lasts forever, for it depends on nothing or anyone other than God. Just as the light of the sun depends only on the Creator, so too, does the light of the righteous.

The light of the righteous will allow him to rejoice in his accomplishments even when he suffers, but his ultimate joy in the World to Come, will be eternal as is his light.

Just as the sun is happy in its fulfillment of the Divine Will, “It rejoices as a mighty warrior to run its course,” (Psalms 19:6)  so too, the righteous, empowered by their light rejoice in their sense of fulfillment of their Divine mission, no matter what happens to them. Of them it is written, “And those who love Him, are like the sun coming out with its full might.” (Judges 5:31)

However, the light of the wicked is not connected to God, the Infinite Source. It will flicker and burn out. (Rabbeinu Yonah, Commentary to Proverbs)

View the light of the Chanukah Candles as the light of your soul being protected and nurtured by God.
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