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Tenth of Tevet-My Part of the Messiah Print E-mail

Tenth-of-Tevet-Asarah-Bitevet-Jerusalem-SiegeThe Baal Shem Tov taught: Every Jew must rectify and enhance the aspect of the “full stature,” Komah Sheleimah, of the Messiah that is related to his own individual soul. As is known, the name Adam is the acronym of Adam, David, Messiah. This is so because Adam's stature extended from one end of the world to the other (Chagigah 12a).


All Jewish souls are encompassed within the full stature of Adam, the primal human being. Afterwards, because of the sin, his full stature was diminished. Similarly, the Messiah will possess the full stature of all Jewish souls, encompassing 600,000 souls as it was before Adams sin.

Therefore, every individual Jew must endeavor to enhance the aspect of the Messiah of that is related to his soul, so that the entire stature is rectified and established. Then there will be an unending and general unity of souls. May it happen speedily in our days. (Me'or Einaim, Pinchas)

Application to the days leading to the Tenth of Tevet:

This is a perfect opportunity to work on the way we deal with other human beings, treating each as another part of the unified soul of the Jewish people.

Each morning before praying say, "I accept on myself the Positive Commandment to love others."

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