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The Tenth of Tevet: A Home and A Wall Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

destruction"You made a water reservoir between the two walls, by the water of the Old Pool. But you did not look towards the One Who made it, nor did you consider the One Who formed

it [Jerusalem] in the distant past" (Isaiah 22:11).

They would tear down their houses and take the stones in order to reinforce the walls (Eicha Rabah 24).

There were cracks in the walls; the inhabitants of Jerusalem were desperate to fill in the gaps and strengthen their perceived protection.

They dismantled their houses in order to save the walls.

They destroyed their homes in order to keep up the illusion that they had created.

They refused to look beyond what they had established as their security. God, as the One Who formed Jerusalem from the beginning of times, was waiting for them to turn to Him and seek His protection. Yet, as they were dragging the stones from their demolished homes to the cracks in the walls, they failed to see Him.

When in order to erect a wall, we are ready to take apart our internal structure, we must ask ourselves: what am I protecting? When we hide behind a barrier whose purpose is to shield us from the outside world, yet we are willing to compromise our integrity as long as we can maintain this barrier, we are echoing the actions of those who Isaiah is admonishing.

Although King Hezekiah also reinforced the walls, it was different because he trusted in God, whereas "you did not look towards the One Who made it" (Rashi).

Are we blindly building sandcastle fortifications, or are we shielding ourselves with the awareness and the vision that God is our Guardian?

The former will eventually cause us to sabotage what we hold dear, while the latter will protect, strengthen and enhance what is precious to us.

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