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Or Hachaim HaKadosh: Fasting Tools Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

destruction“And your eye shall not take pity on the enticer.” (Deuteronomy13) This means that one has to deny the enticer everything he desires or holds dear, even things totally unrelated to what he proposed. The idea is to make him endure suffering. You should not say that there is no point in making this person endure pointless denials seeing that God Himself has permitted all these things to be enjoyed by people.

Even though the afflictions we speak about affect primarily the soul, they will also have an effect on the spiritually negative manifestations, which have become an insepeperable part of this human being.

This is the mystical dimension of the whole concepts of fasting. Man is to deny himself food and drink in order to weaken the forces of evil within him.

When we feel weak from fasting, we should intend to weaken the “enticer” within as well.
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