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The Fast of The Tenth of Tevet I: Tools for Fasting Print E-mail

DestructionIt has been taught: R. Yosi says, I was once traveling on the road, and I entered into one of the ruins of Jerusalem in order to pray. Elijah of blessed memory appeared and waited for me at the door till I finished my prayer. (Berachot 3a)

There is no doubt that the pious people such as Rabbi Yosi were accustomed to listening for instructions from a Bat Kol – a Heavenly Voice – when there were no longer prophets to offer direction. They would go to specific places to listen for these Heavenly Voices. The ruins of Jerusalem were among these places.

Ruins are removed from human beings. Their connection with the physical world has been smashed. This separation transformed them into places where one could connect to the spiritual worlds. (Maharal of Prague, Netzach Yisrael, Chapter 22)

Fasting is one step in removing ourselves from the physical world and its boundaries. We can use the fast as an opportunity to connect with the Spiritual Worlds and strengthen our connection with God.
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