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The Foundation Stone“When the Holy One, blessed is He, created His world, He created it like an infant born from its mother. For a fetus born from the mother, begins from its navel and expands outward to all four directions so too, the Holy One, blessed is He, began to create the world from the Foundation Stone and from that, the entire world was established.” - Midrash Tanchuma – Pikudei #3



The Foundation Stone is designed to teach that Judaism is highly effective at integrating all aspects of one's life, spiritual, psychological and physical. It provides tools for us to become healthier and more productive human beings. Judaism offers us a way to maintain a healthy and practical perspective on our lives that does not ask us to hide from the world. Judaism guides us in engaging in the world.

“It appears to me that the primeval point which G-d created out of nothing is what the sages called the foundation stone from where the world was founded.” - Nachmanides, Commentary to the Torah, Genesis 1,1


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