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Psalm 27: Going Places Print E-mail

Seeds of LightI took the same steps as every day, but this morning when I stepped into what is Van Cortland Park every other morning, I found myself in the Twilight Zone, I somehow had ended up in Central America. OK, I was exhausted and may have taken one or two wrong turns on my way, but how did I get to Central America?

Large groups were gathered around each playing field and picnic area. Each group was from a different country. I could tell by the flags and tee-shirts: Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras were all represented. I was in a different world.

Having been to all those countries on business trips, I tried to recall each place. All I could remember was my hotel room and the Gemara – Tractate of the Talmud – that I was studying on each trip. I traveled on business so I went from airport to hotel to office and back to the hotel. The trips were opportunities to learn without distraction.

I guess you could say that I had not visited each of those countries as much as I was able to create my own space in each place.

“One thing I asked of God, that shall I seek: Would that I dwell in the House of God all the days of my life, to behold the sweetness of God and to contemplate in His Sanctuary.” (Psalm 27:4)

We do not only pray for the opportunity to be with God in His Sanctuary in Jerusalem, we also celebrate that we have the ability to create a sense of His Holy Place wherever we are.
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