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Tehillim Tools: Psalms 23:6: Yismach Yisrael Print E-mail

Mastering Tehillim“May only good and kindness pursue me all the days of my life, and I shall (then be able to) dwell in the House of God for days that continue to extend (Psalms 23:6).” Does anyone flee from good and kindness that King David would need to request that they “pursue” him?


We know that there are two types of tests: Those that come from poverty and suffering, and those that result from wealth and abundance. It is known that the spiritual tests of the latter category are more challenging than those that come from poverty and suffering.

King David is requesting that he be tested by “good and kindness,” wealth and abundance; ach, “but,” a term that is always understood to limit and restrict, he should do so with humility. (Yismach Moshe: Toledot)

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