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Shir ha-Shirim XI: Part Six: As Royalty: Sefirah 5 Print E-mail

Shir HashirimAnother interpretation: Rabbi Yudan and Rabbi Levi in the name of Rabbi Yichanan said: Wherever you find in this Megillah the expression, “King Solomon,” the text speaks actually of King Solomon; but wherever you find, “the King,” simply, it speaks of the Holy One, Blessed is He.


The Rabbis, however, say: Wherever you find, “King Solomon,” the reference is to the King, Whose is Peace, - Shalom - wherever you find, “the King,” simply, the reference is to the Community of Israel. (Shir HaShirim Rabbah 1.1.11, part six)

Rabbi Yudan and Rabbi Levi see Solomon as representing God’s throne. The Rabbis see more: It does not have to be a King who represents God’s Throne; it can be the Community of Israel.

The Rabbis are teaching us that when we learn how to properly sing the Song of Torah, we become as royalty. “Who is royalty? The Sages!”

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