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Pirkei Avot 1:11: Ramah miFano Print E-mail

Pirkei Avot“Avtalyon says: Scholars, be cautious with your words, for you may incur the penalty of exile and be banished to a place of evil waters. The disciples who follow you there may drink and die, and consequently the Name of Heaven will be desecrated (Avot 1:11).”


If scholars, who grasp onto the Divine Throne, as the verse says, “He grabs on to the face of the Throne (A homiletical reading of Job 26:9),” can fall so spectacularly, how much more so students who still live with a youthful and immature spirit!

The Divine Presence that dwells among us only in the merit of the children (Eichah Rabbah 1:3), will depart when the children are distanced, the worst desecration of God’s Name. “May die,” by losing their connection to the Source of Torah, which will be removed when people cease to draw Torah only when grasping the Throne (Ramah miFano).

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