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Pirkei Avot 6:1: Toledot Yaakov Yosef: Secrets Revealed Print E-mail

Pirkei AvotRabbi Meir said: “Whoever occupies himself with Torah for its own sake merits many things... It prepares him to become just, pious, upright, and faithful (Avot 6:1).” I learned from my teacher that the main purpose of engaging in Torah study and prayer is to attach oneself to the inner spirituality of the light of the Ein Sof that inheres in the letters of the Torah and the prayers. This is called studying Torah for its own sake, and is the meaning of Rabbi Meir’s teaching, including, “and the secrets of the Torah are revealed to him.” This means that he will know the future and all its happenings from the Torah. He will also learn how to conduct himself when studying Torah and when serving God, in addition to his ability to perceive the upper worlds. (Toledot Yaakov Yosef, Vayeitzei)


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