Pirkei Avot Chapter 5: Ramchal: The Role of the Righteous Print
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

RamchalThe world was created with Ten Utterances. What does this teach us? Indeed, could it not have been created with a single Utterance? This was to exact punishment from the wicked who destroy the world that was created with Ten Utterances, and to bestow goodly reward upon the righteous who sustain the world that was created with Ten Utterances (Avot 5:1)


Come and see: The righteous raise their prayers to the ears of the King, as it says, “And he prayed to God,” “And he cried out to God.” When there are many accusers they stifle and prevent the prayers from rising to the Highest Heavens, as it says, “You covered it with a cloud, so that no prayer may pass (Lamentations).”

However, the righteous who remain connected, hold onto their connection to forge a path that pierces the clouds, and the Holy One, blessed is He, so to speak, descends to hear the voice directly from the one who remains connected.

This is the secret behind, “I have greatly hoped for God; he inclined toward me, and heard my cry (Psalms 40:2).” This is the meaning of, “For Your salvation do I long, O God (Genesis 49:18)!” Literally, “Your salvation,” that God is with him in his suffering, “I hold onto that line of connection to God, for “Your salvation!”

The righteous who hold onto that line of connection, connect all of creation, all Ten Utterances, to their Source. (Ramchal; 515 Prayers)

Amidah:  ki lishu’aticha kivinu kol haYom

Recite the Pasuk: “Lishu’atecha Kiviti Hashem,“ before each thing you do, each time you learn, with the prayer that your actions and learning be connected to God, and connect all of creation to their source.