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Avot 4:13: Besht Print E-mail

Pirkei AvosRabbi Eliezer ben Yaakov said, He who does one good deed has gotten himself on advocate; and he who commits one transgression has gotten himself on accuser. (Avot 4:13)


God bestows two different categories of good upon man. At times, something patently good happens to a man; its goodness is manifest to everyone. At other times, the good comes concealed; it seems to be bad for him, but after a while it becomes obvious that, on the contrary, it is a great good.

Now, in truth, no evil issues to Israel, heaven forbid, from God, Who is good and bestows good. On the contrary, HIS deeds are acts with great kindness, salvation, and solace. If man merits it, then the goodness comes to him revealed. But at times, because of his impure deeds, each person on his own level, man does not merit it, and then, when God's goodness descends from above two men below, accusing Angels appear who denounce him and prevent the goodness from reaching him.

A person's misdeeds, creating “accusers” are often so serious that he will see that the good God wishes to bestow upon him as harsh and evil. (Pitgamim Kaddishin 3a)

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